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Huisache Avenue Baptist Church's purpose is to glorify the Lord. 


This is the reason why the Lord created every person on this Earth. You were created for something more than to go to work and exist in this world. You were created for a far greater purpose. You were created to put a smile on the face of The Lord Jesus Christ. We fulfill our mission at HABC by seeking the lost, teaching the found, and inspiring them to do something for the Lord they have never done before.

At HABC, going to church is still like going to church. We desire believers to hear the truth while feeling the convicting and drawing power of the Holy Spirit. We pray the Lord's presence is manifest at every service. The Bible is our authority. Preaching is our communication. Prayer is our engine. The Glory of God is our motivation and inspiration. We would love for you to come so we may be a blessing to you. We are greatly committed to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.



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