Our Infant Nursery

New Born to One Year Old


Our Toddler Nursery

For Babies Just Beginning to Walk

Why We Serve

Our church will provide a nurturing and loving environment for the babies and toddlers. We will do that by teaching children about Jesus through lessons, crafts, and songs. Each child will experience a loving and patient environment centered around Christ.

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Infant Nursery

The infant nursery provides childcare during all church services. This allows the parents to sit in the services and know that their child is cared for and safe. 

Toddler Nursery

The toddler nursery provides fun and safe childcare during all church services. The toddlers will be cared for while activities will include playing, coloring, singing, and a short bible lesson.

Age Groups

Nursery Services are available for any child under the age of three. All other children are welcome in our Sunday School classes and will be introduced to the teacher for their class.

Our Priorities


We want to keep each child safe and we strive to provide an environment that welcomes parents to allow their children to spend time in our nursery. Each nursery volunteer must complete a background check as a way to protect every child’s safety.

There an emergency information poster in each room. This poster has all vital emergency contact information and procedures for volunteers to follow in case of an emergency. There are first-aid kits also located in every room just in case there in a minor incident that may require a band-aid.

Every parent will fill out an emergency medical form and allergy form to ensure we provide the best care possible to your children, We take extra precaution to avoid accidents and protect each child's safety and, as a church, we have the goal of being prepared for any situation.


We want to always provide a safe environment to children that come into the nursery and to do that we also ensure that the nurseries are VERY clean. To protect against germs, we have Lysol solution in each room that is used with the rotation of each group of volunteers.

Nursery volunteers wash their hands every day as they begin their shift and enter the nursery. When volunteers are working in the nursery, each person is responsible for washing their hands after changing a diaper or helping with a runny nose. Also it is expected that there always must be two adults present at all times.

Nursery Coordinator: Ashton Yeargin

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord and to volunteer in our church nursery. We look forward to meeting new parents and welcoming returning visitors to our church.

Thank you for visiting our page and we hope to see you soon!

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