Our Goal

The goal of Sunday School is to bring children and adults to salvation. We strive to encourage our Sunday School students to have an intimate relationship with the Lord that will last over a lifetime and to equip them with the knowledge of God's Word. We pray and teach diligently so that our young Christians cannot be shaken to lose their faith in this world.

As a church, we strive to be well organized and efficient in order to set a good example for our children. The children will be set at ease by being taught in a structured environment focused around fun Biblical education. It is our goal to help parents raise their children for the Glory of the Lord and to support parents by strengthening the Christian teachings they learn at home.

Lastly, we pray to instill in children that the best life to live is one that is in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our Method of Teaching

To provide consistency throughout our  Children's Ministry, we use the Joyful Life Sunday School Curriculum.   For all children's classes up to high school age, we use this material as a way to connect with children and as a way to grow in the understanding of the Gospel.

When a child  attends Sunday School Class throughout the year,  he or she will go through all of the major stories in the Bible in about two years. As the child continues to grow, they will be promoted to the next class and each class will build off the foundation of the previous class. This ensures the child will learn and have a greater understanding of the Word of God.

If you would like to read more about the Sunday School Curriculum, you may do so here: https://www.joyfullifesundayschool.com/

Meet Our Teachers

Toddlers & Beginners

 Ages: 3-5

Teacher's Name: Marcy Gutierrez

Teacher's Assistant: Leah Denson

Class Description: 

Ms. Marcy begins each class by singing Christ-centered children's songs. After the songs are complete, she teaches the children a Bible lesson and does a craft with them that supports what they learned that morning. She also ensures the children have snack time during her class.


Grades: 1-3

Teacher's Name: Kris Duron

Class Description:

Ms. Kris starts each class by singing songs with the children. She then teaches her class a Bible lesson that is illustrated with pictures. After each lesson, she supports the lesson by doing a craft and asking follow-up questions about what they learned that morning. 


Grades: 4- 6

Teacher's Name: Cathy Laubach

Teacher's Assistant: Priscilla Cruz

Class Description:

Ms. Cathy teaches her class a wonderfully illustrated Bible lesson. With the children progressing in age, she also teaches them about strong traits of people in the Bible. Ms. Cathy encourages her class to stand for the Lord and teaches them how to handle difficult situations.