Media Mentions

The Husiache Avenue Baptist Church Media Mentions page is dedicated to examples of our church being discussed on other media websites. Newspaper mentions, periodicals, blogs, and other media resources. Some of these resources are fun, others are serious. Please have a look and see what's happening at your local Church, Huisache Avenue Baptist.


Church Vandalism Targets Council Member Brockhouse

Church Vandalism.jpg

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio man accused of vandalizing Huisache Avenue Baptist Church over the weekend has been arrested and charged with a felony.

Church member caught vandal in act and called the local authorities.

Mayor Nirenberg and Council Member Brockhouse condemn the behavior.

News Source: FoxSanAntonio, News4SA, SpectrumNews

Jay Leno Skit

Jay's regular Monday segment that is devoted to highlighting various funny headlines, advertisements, and other things in print included Huisache Avenue Baptist Church Pastor Bez Cummings. click image


Knife Throwing Sermon Ad

The media experts at the Jay Leno show found this ad and featured it on Jay's skit devoted to funny headlines and hilarious advetisements.


Car Ends Up in Church

"It just goes to show you that God will use extreme measures to get somebody to church. If you won't go, He'll take you," said Bez Cummings, the church pastor, jokingly.

excerpt: Police said Isidro Palomo's Chevy Blazer smashed through a wall of Huisache Baptist Church just before 7 a.m. Thursday after he jumped out of the moving vehicle.

SOURCE: StrangeAntonio scroll down page