Thank You for Giving to the Lord

Please click one of the options below to give online or text to give. You will have the option to give your Tithe, to Missions, to the church building fund, and to any other specified ministry. Thank you for your generosity and faithfulness in giving to the work of God.

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Text Giving Instructions:

1. Text keyword 'HABC'  space with the amount you would like to give (include the decimal point) to 95577

example:    HABC 10.00  
                    habc 10.00

2. You will receive the One-Time Registration the first time you give . You will have the option to save your information securely or re-enter it each time you text the keyword & amount to 95577

3. You will then receive a 'Thank You' confirmation text

4.  These donations will be made to directly to the Tithe Fund. 

If you would like to give to Missions or to the Building Fund, please give online @, at the kiosk, or through traditional envelope giving.

Thank you for supporting the Lord’s Work at

Huisache Avenue Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas 78201!