Our Goal

The goal of Sunday School is to bring children and adults to salvation. We strive to encourage our Sunday School students to have an intimate relationship with the Lord that will last over a lifetime and to equip them with the knowledge of God's Word. We pray and teach diligently so that our young Christians cannot be shaken to lose their faith in this world. As a church, we strive to be well organized and efficient in order to set a good example for our children. The children will be set at ease by being taught in a structured environment focused around fun Biblical education. It is our goal to help parents raise their children for the Glory of the Lord and to support parents by strengthening the Christian teachings they learn at home. Lastly, we pray to instill in children that the best life to live is one that is in our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Grades: 7-12

Teacher's Name: Roland Gutierrez

Class Description:

In this class, Brother Roland uses many illustrations to teach the timeless truths of God's Word. This class provides a significant amount practical and informative tips on living a life for Christ. Our goal for our youth class is to equip our teens for serving the Lord while teaching them how to stand for God.